Miller Magazine Issue: 135 March 2021

62 INTERVIEW MILLER / march 2021 Many companies are competing in the milling industry. In this competition, companies that invest in quality control de- partments to improve the quality of their final products and meet customer expectations have an excellent profile that will enable them to gain an important place in the market. With increasing consumer awareness, manufacturers also strive to be more consistent in delivering the best quality that their customers always expect. At this point, quality control laboratories have an important role to play. We discussed with Mr. Metin Ozbal, General Coordinator of Gaziantep-based Ozbal Flour company, about “stability in flour quality”. Gaziantep city is one of the production bases of Turkey, which is the world’s flour exports leader. Stating that the standard quality of the product obtained is essential for success in the sector, Ozbal said, “In this respect, quality Metin Ozbal General Coordinator Ozbal Flour “Wheat flour production is no longer disordered in Turkey as in the 1990s. Customers demand more from us. Diversity in flour production is increasing day by day. The quality is determined by the right wheat selection, production processes suitable for the product to be produced and end product standardization. If you cannot produce the desired product in standard quality in a market where many companies compete, it is very difficult to survive. The laboratory makes a great contribution to us at this point.” “Laboratory is a must to achieve consistent quality in flour”