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Mahmoud RİYAD

“Egypt is not only the largest importer of wheat but also the largest wheat consumer and bread eater per capita in the world. A key component of government policy in this regard is the provision of low-priced bread to the population. This is achieved through a number of government subsidies at the various stages of the value chain. The reform …

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Tehran in talks with Russia to import wheat to ship as flour


Secretary General of Iran Federation of Food Industry Associations Kaveh Zargaran said Tehran is negotiating a wheat import deal with Russia that would allow it to increase flour exports to neighboring Iraq by private sector. The deal would involve importing around 100,000 tonnes of Russian wheat per month. Iran is holding talks to import 1 million tons of wheat from …

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Fear of devastating wheat disease in Europe


Over 80 percent of 57 wheat varieties tested in Britain are susceptible to the strain of stem rust, according to a study. Stem rust can devastate wheat, the source of food and livelihoods for more than 1 billion people in developing countries. A devastating disease that attacks barley and wheat-the world’s most widely grown crop – could re-emerge in Britain, …

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Russia eyes flour mill expansion to absorb wheat crop


Anatoly Kutsenko, a director at the Russian ministry of agriculture, said the country was mulling downstream investment into flour mills. The statement shows Moscow considers exporting low cost grain may not be the best way to proceed. Russia needs to develop flour production capacity and increase its consumption of higher-quality wheat to sustain the nation’s bumper crops, a senior official …

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First transactions at Commodity Exchange to be made on wheat

Mehmet Şimşek

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Simsek said: “Commodity exchange which will ensure the market to balance within the price stability will go into operation within the shortest time.” He added at the first stage, transactions for wheat and cotton will be possible. Mehmet Simsek, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister in charge of economics, said that the Commodity Exchange will go into …

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Iraq buys 450 thousand tons U.S. wheat directly

irak bugday

Iraq has reportedly bought 450,000 tons of U.S. hard red winter wheat outside the tender process. Traders said the shipment would be within the next three months. Iraq has purchased U.S. wheat in a direct deal, outside the tender process, Reuters reported. The wheat was purchased from Cargill and ADM, two Iraqi officials said. The officials would not confirm the …

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China Works On Grain Pricing Reform

cin tahil

China, prominent importer and exporter of grain, discussing some measures to reform the country’s minimum procurement price system by making it more flexible and letting the market play a more decisive role in the pricing of grain. China’s political advisors met on the 16th of November to discuss ways to reform the country’s grain pricing system. The bi-weekly consultation session …

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India Doubles Import Duty On Wheat

hindistan vergi

Indian government doubled the import duty on wheat to 20 per cent to curb cheap shipments and give positive price signal to farmers. India has doubled its tariff on wheat imports. It also imposed import duty of 50 per cent on peas to check cheaper shipments from countries like Canada. The Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) in a …

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Gene Discovery May Halt Worldwide Wheat Epidemic


Researchers from University of California, Davis, have identified a gene that enables resistance to a new devastating strain of stem rust, a fungal disease that is hampering wheat production throughout Africa and Asia and threatening global food security. The discovery by UC Davis wheat geneticist Jorge Dubcovsky and his team will help breeders more quickly develop varieties that can fend …

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