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According to IGC February grain report, grain trade will make an unprecedented peak in  2017/18 year with a volume of 361 million tons. According to the global estimations, in this season 2 billion 94 million of grain will be produced. This is a 2% decrease from the previous year’s production. International Grains Council (IGC) has released its monthly grain report. …

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Phung Hoang Plans Its Fourth Bühler Plant

Bühler rice processing technology helps safeguard quality and increase the value of Vietnamese rice. By implementing reliable, high-quality processing technology, Phung Hoang is able to retain the high-quality of Vietnam’s rice varieties. Bühler technology is powering the success of Vietnam’s biggest processor of Jasmine, Japonica and ST21 fragrant rice. Phung Hoang Rice Mills latest solution – a fully-automated, energy-efficient, 24/7 …

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TotalSense IoT Innovation transforms The World Of rice

The Bühler Group introduces the new digital rice analyzer TotalSense, which enables the reduction of costs, improvement of yield, and improvement of quality for rice processors. This innovation is part of Bühler’s digitalization initiative featuring a number of new solutions that leverage the power of IoT with increased customer value. Rice farmers often manually measure and inspect rice grains to …

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Flour Mills of Nigeria plans $128 million share sale

Flour Mills of Nigeria has registered plans with regulators to raise up to $128 million in equity over the next three years, its chief financial officer said. Flour Mills of Nigeria decided that the most appropriate way to raise the funds was via a shelf program, enabling the company to sell shares in several tranche over a three-year period. According to the news of …

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Grain and Flour Market in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics estimates that wheat and wheat flour purchases constitute 1,5 % of total food expenditures. This rate is very low compared to the rice purchases with a 31,03 rate. However wheat has the feature to be the second most essential food in Bangladesh by constituting almost 12 % of total grain consumption. This situation makes the country …

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World Rice Merket and Turkey

Increasing stably in the recent years, the rice production of the world has reached 470 million tons in 2012/13 season. However only 35-40 million tons of this production is subjected to the trade as a great part of the rice production is consumed in the regions where the production is made. The largest exporter countries in the world in 2012/13 …

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