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Wheat Flour Quality Control for improving performance and customer satisfaction

“Flour quality control is a puzzle in which each piece corresponds to the information given by one testing method. To see the quality of the product, it is necessary to know how the results of the different tests are linked. Quality control should not be building specifications and filling in numbers: it should give the information required to improve quality …

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Quality control and laboratory in milling

“Although flour is a non-perishable food the manufacturer should treat quality control as an important factor for success and safety measures should be taken into consideration starting from the wheat receiving throughout the flour dispatch.” Sarah Krayem Technical Director National Flour Mills S.A.R.L (Part of Essa Al-Ghurair Investment) Many milling companies are competing in the market. The companies that are …

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Flour plants are making an effort to increase their market shares by standing out among its competitors. Brands which meet demands of the customer, holding consistency in quality are stepping forward. Quality control has a vital importance in sustaining quality consistency and building trust in a brand.  ‘Innovation’ and ‘digitalization’ are the key concepts of doing business in the era …

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Why Quality Control Is Important For Milling?

“Quality control is a critical component of flour milling and its importance cannot be over-emphasized thereby making it expedient on all flour mills that want to be competitive, remain in business and profitable need to appreciate quality’s contribution and be ready for investment in its personnel and operation.” Olatunji Lawal – Honeywell Flour Mills The number one priority of every manufacturing company …

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