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Mahmoud RİYAD

“Egypt is not only the largest importer of wheat but also the largest wheat consumer and bread eater per capita in the world. A key component of government policy in this regard is the provision of low-priced bread to the population. This is achieved through a number of government subsidies at the various stages of the value chain. The reform …

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The last issue of the International Grain Council Grain Report that is revised monthly has been published. According to the report, global grain trade is forecast to grow to an all-time peak of 362million tons. Total grains estimates show that total production will fall down to 2 billion 92 million tons with an increase of %2. International Grain Council, an …

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Canadian AGI acquires technology and fertilizer platforms CMC and JCI


 AGI, a leading manufacturer of seed, fertilizer, grain, feed and food handling, blending, storage and conditioning equipment, announces acquisitions  of  applied technology and fertilizer platforms CMC and Junge Control Inc. Ag Growth International Inc. (AGI) announced that it recently acquired CMC Industrial Electronics (CMC) and Junge Control Inc. (JCI). Combined sales and adjusted EBITDA for the two entities in their …

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Olam To Build A Grain Terminal In Ukraine


Ukrainian First Vice-Prime Minister Stepan Kubiv said that Olam, global agri-business company, plans to construct a grain-handling terminal in Ukraine, which will nearly double its grain exports over the next five years. Olam International Ltd. plans to invest funds in the construction of a grain terminal in one of the Ukrainian ports, reported UkrAgroConsult. According to the Kiev-based agricultural market …

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China Works On Grain Pricing Reform

cin tahil

China, prominent importer and exporter of grain, discussing some measures to reform the country’s minimum procurement price system by making it more flexible and letting the market play a more decisive role in the pricing of grain. China’s political advisors met on the 16th of November to discuss ways to reform the country’s grain pricing system. The bi-weekly consultation session …

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Flour Mills of Nigeria plans $128 million share sale


Flour Mills of Nigeria has registered plans with regulators to raise up to $128 million in equity over the next three years, its chief financial officer said. Flour Mills of Nigeria decided that the most appropriate way to raise the funds was via a shelf program, enabling the company to sell shares in several tranche over a three-year period. According to the news of …

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Upgrading the Flour Quality


Gülsüm Yılmaz / Gıda Yüksek Mühendisi / Technical Manager / ABP Mühlenchemie Gıda San. ve Tic. A.Ş. The flour quality is formed primarily depending on the quality of the wheat (aggregate) it is produced from, the quality of the used diagram and processing conditions. It is essential to analyze well the processed wheat firstly and make the process conditions suitable to these qualifications …

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The Place and Importance of Additives in Flour Quality


Sarah Zimmerman / Flour Fortification Initiative Communications Coordinator Foods made with wheat flour have an especially important role to play during an economic crisis. As incomes decrease, people may limit their intake of more expensive foods such as meat, fruits, and vegetables. But they are likely to continue or increase their consumption of flour-based foods such as bread and pasta. Making …

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Turkey is Regressing on Pulses Production


Pointing out the decrease in the pulses production in his written statement; National Pulses Council President Mahmut Arslan said that Turkey can be a pulses importer in the future because of the narrowing of the plantations. National Pulses Council President Mahmut Arslan made a written statement in order to point out the decrease in the pulses production. Stating that the …

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A Flour Business Joint Venture is Established in Vietnam


Japan-based Sumitomo Corporation has made an agreement with one of the leading food companies in South Korea CJ CheilJedang Corporation to establish a flour mill in Vietnam. The Japanese company Sumitomo Corporation has signed an agreement with CJ CheilJedang Corporation that is a major food company based in South Korea in order to establish a flour mill that produce and …

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