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Tehran in talks with Russia to import wheat to ship as flour


Secretary General of Iran Federation of Food Industry Associations Kaveh Zargaran said Tehran is negotiating a wheat import deal with Russia that would allow it to increase flour exports to neighboring Iraq by private sector. The deal would involve importing around 100,000 tonnes of Russian wheat per month. Iran is holding talks to import 1 million tons of wheat from …

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Influence of Aged Wheat on Flour Functional Properties


“For the purpose of this research, different wheat samples were tested before and after storing them for sixteen months under controlled conditions. Based on the experimental findings and the results obtained after sixteen months of wheat storage under controlled conditions, it is expected that some of the rheological quality parameters and falling numbers shall improve much quicker under, a relatively …

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Flour Testing In The Quality Control Laboratory

Rebecca Miller Regan

The quality control laboratory is an important part of the flour milling industry.  The objectives of the quality control laboratory at a flour mill are to monitor uniformity throughout the mill run;  ensure uniformity between flour lots or shipments; ensure that the flour meets the customer’s specifications; and verify that the flour has desirable characteristics for a product. Dr. Rebecca …

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Quality Flour Does Not Face Market Problem

Taha Merghani

“Miller understanding of product requirement such as damaged starch, ash content, granulation is so important to achieve final product specification which meets customer requirement.  These depend on miller qualifications background, the experience they have gone through, and school of milling they attended.” Taha Merghani – EMIGRAIN Why is quality control important for milling sector? What laboratory and quality control do bring …

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Ardent Mills expands organic–certified facilities


Ardent Mills works with farmers for doubling U.S. organic wheat acres by 2019. By this aim, the company is expanding its organic-certified milling and packaging locations. Ardent Mills, the premier flour-milling and ingredient company, has expanded its producer program to a total of seven U.S. states and a Canadian province while adding more organic-certified milling and packaging locations along with …

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Flour Mills of Nigeria plans $128 million share sale


Flour Mills of Nigeria has registered plans with regulators to raise up to $128 million in equity over the next three years, its chief financial officer said. Flour Mills of Nigeria decided that the most appropriate way to raise the funds was via a shelf program, enabling the company to sell shares in several tranche over a three-year period. According to the news of …

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Grain and Flour Market in Bangladesh


Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics estimates that wheat and wheat flour purchases constitute 1,5 % of total food expenditures. This rate is very low compared to the rice purchases with a 31,03 rate. However wheat has the feature to be the second most essential food in Bangladesh by constituting almost 12 % of total grain consumption. This situation makes the country …

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World Rice Merket and Turkey


Increasing stably in the recent years, the rice production of the world has reached 470 million tons in 2012/13 season. However only 35-40 million tons of this production is subjected to the trade as a great part of the rice production is consumed in the regions where the production is made. The largest exporter countries in the world in 2012/13 …

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Upgrading the Flour Quality


Gülsüm Yılmaz / Gıda Yüksek Mühendisi / Technical Manager / ABP Mühlenchemie Gıda San. ve Tic. A.Ş. The flour quality is formed primarily depending on the quality of the wheat (aggregate) it is produced from, the quality of the used diagram and processing conditions. It is essential to analyze well the processed wheat firstly and make the process conditions suitable to these qualifications …

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