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Upgrading the Flour Quality

Gülsüm Yılmaz / Gıda Yüksek Mühendisi / Technical Manager / ABP Mühlenchemie Gıda San. ve Tic. A.Ş. The flour quality is formed primarily depending on the quality of the wheat (aggregate) it is produced from, the quality of the used diagram and processing conditions. It is essential to analyze well the processed wheat firstly and make the process conditions suitable to these qualifications …

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The Place and Importance of Additives in Flour Quality

Sarah Zimmerman / Flour Fortification Initiative Communications Coordinator Foods made with wheat flour have an especially important role to play during an economic crisis. As incomes decrease, people may limit their intake of more expensive foods such as meat, fruits, and vegetables. But they are likely to continue or increase their consumption of flour-based foods such as bread and pasta. Making …

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Turkey is Regressing on Pulses Production

Pointing out the decrease in the pulses production in his written statement; National Pulses Council President Mahmut Arslan said that Turkey can be a pulses importer in the future because of the narrowing of the plantations. National Pulses Council President Mahmut Arslan made a written statement in order to point out the decrease in the pulses production. Stating that the …

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