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“Companies may not be sensitive enough about fixed costs since they reflect them on the sales prices. However, the fixed costs play a critical role in companies’ profitability and competitive power if they are optimally kept at the low level. In this scope, it is crucial to ensure the facility operates at the maximum capacity and carry out equipment maintenance …

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Flour Fortification For Human and Community Health

Fortification of wheat flour is an effective, simple, and inexpensive strategy for supplying vitamins and minerals to the diets of large segments of the world’s population. But it has to be implemented appropriately. Therefore, the millers should be careful to ensure that the precise vitamins are processed correctly, as well as the appropriate premix selection. Providing dry storage conditions is …

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The power of flour: Combating malnutrition through staple food fortification

“Advances in fortification technology now mean that it is easier than ever for food manufacturers and millers across the globe to combat malnutrition in developing and developed countries, without impacting dietary patterns or the sensory characteristics of foods. Improving the population’s nutritional status through staple food fortification can help to facilitate a huge social return on investment to support the …

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Wheat Flour Fortification: A cost-effective investment to improve nutrition

“Fortification of staple food is one of the best investments to secure a nation’s future. With the help of Food Fortification Programme, Pakistan aims that half of the population will be consuming fortified wheat flour by the year 2020. The programme will be working with over 1,000 wheat flour mills. The programme is providing training and technical support to both …

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Flour plants are making an effort to increase their market shares by standing out among its competitors. Brands which meet demands of the customer, holding consistency in quality are stepping forward. Quality control has a vital importance in sustaining quality consistency and building trust in a brand.  ‘Innovation’ and ‘digitalization’ are the key concepts of doing business in the era …

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