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According to IGC February grain report, grain trade will make an unprecedented peak in  2017/18 year with a volume of 361 million tons. According to the global estimations, in this season 2 billion 94 million of grain will be produced. This is a 2% decrease from the previous year’s production. International Grains Council (IGC) has released its monthly grain report. …

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Biomin Opens New Production Plant In China

Animal health and nutrition company Biomin, has expanded its capacity in the fast-growing Chinese market. Biomin inaugurated 5,600m²-production facility in Wuxi to provide both quality control and analytical services for customers.  Animal nutrition company Biomin opened a new production plant in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, in China. The opening ceremony of the new facility took place on 30 October 2017. The …

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China Works On Grain Pricing Reform

China, prominent importer and exporter of grain, discussing some measures to reform the country’s minimum procurement price system by making it more flexible and letting the market play a more decisive role in the pricing of grain. China’s political advisors met on the 16th of November to discuss ways to reform the country’s grain pricing system. The bi-weekly consultation session …

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