“Lambton Conveyor constantly dedicated to provide top-tier equipment for your grain system”

“At Lambton, we know that grain storage and handling is a long term investment and it can maximize your returns with proper planning. Our engineering and support team strives to provide customers with the most productive and cost-effective solutions from our factory to their sites. We are dedicated to provide top-tier equipment to better your grain storage and maximize your …

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“We prevented thousands of tons of grain from being wasted”

“Grains stored for a long time can decay. You can only detect the decay, disease or infestation in mass only through temperature increase. We produce electronic systems capable of detecting such escalation in the grain warehouses. These systems known as silo temperature tracking or monitoring or temperature control systems give early warning about heat in warehouses/silos to prevent large-scale waste. …

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Spanish Balaguer seeks for expansion in Turkey and India

“Balaguer rolls and machines are 99% exported directly to 130 countries into 5 continents. Balaguer has been working for 5 years already on designing an aggressive expansion plan, which is focused on Africa and Asia. New challenges for us will be to complete Balaguer expansion in Turkey and India. The Board of Balaguer Company decided to invest in Turkey and …

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“Inspection is not an extra cost”

  “If we detect a visual problem during the loading we urgently inform our customer at any hour of the day and step in. In this way, our customer knows that his products arrived as it is expected without going to the port. For this reason, we underline that inspection is not an extra cost, it is rather an added-value …

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“We brought many innovations to Turkey”

“We are the company that comes to people’s mind when we talk about grain storage, drying, conveying, and grain quality control. We have been in the sector since 1985. We are the company that brought newest trends and broke grounds. We have a partnership with the world’s prominent companies. We accumulated knowledge that can manage all process from A to …

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“Our target is to be the world’s largest producer of silos and equipment”

“Our brand is known worldwide, and our efforts to be a brand sought around the world continue with rapid steps. With our faith in our work, brand and particularly our quality, we continue to take new investment decisions. We will increase our total production area to two hundred thousand square meters by establishing an additional factory of one hundred thirty …

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“For protecting the product quality, grains must be stored after cleaning”

Following the products’ harvest, they should be stored in appropriate conditions. In this context, it is vital for the production’s health to make them pass through pre-cleaning units before storage. Turkey’s legal codes bar products’ cleaning before storage. This reduces the shelf life and the quality of products and also causes the loss of huge storage area. In order to …

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“Alapros to be among leader companies within 5-10 years”

“We perceive 2018 as the milestone for our company. We set up our infrastructure according to the very high quantities for production since there has been gap in the production of good quality and superior machines with reasonable price in the sector. There have been major orders and important projects in discussions. We hold discussion with many customers in Iran, …

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“Constant innovation required to stay at the top”

“In order to survive in the sector of milling machine production, you need to keep up with technology. To stay at the top, you need make innovation constantly. From the inception of our company, we serve our customers with aforementioned spirit. New machines are produced according to customers’ request in line with their needs. Thus, the research and development team …

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“Our first priority is food-compatibility”

“Since NASA’s establishment, the company, with the understanding of quality product and service, has become the key supplier for many operations related to flour, feed, pasta, sugar, seed and pulse in Turkey. We are closely monitoring the changes in the sector and the machines in order to maintain this confidence and service quality. We pay attention to all products so …

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