Turkey’s Grain Board to buy wheat as long as needed


The Turkish Grain Board took its measures to prevent any lacking in wheat and flour. The board’s General Manager, Ahmet Güldal, said that the board carried out the bidding to import 250 thousand tons of common wheat and will continue to buy wheat and feed as long as needed. Ahmet Güldal, the General Manager of Turkish Grain Board (TMO), said …

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Turkey to buy wheat from Russia in rubles


Turkey will buy wheat from Russia in rubles in line with Ankara’s move to use national currencies in international trade. In line with the efforts to further the use national currencies in trade, Turkey will buy wheat from Russia in rubles. According to the statement released by Russia-based SovEkon Analytic Center, Turkey will buy thirty tons of high protein wheat …

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USDA: Germany to become net grain importer after drought


The drought has heavily affected grain, rapeseed, and forage production in Germany. As a result, Germany, one of the EU’s largest grain exporters, is expected to strongly increase imports of soybeans/soybean meal and to become a net grain importer, said a report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Global Agricultural Information Network (GAIN). The US is set to become top …

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Genc Degirmen commissioned largest milling facility in Kazakhstan’s Kostanay region


Having completed more than 350 flour and semolina production facilities in 54 countries since 1990, Genc Degirmen continues its turnkey projects. Genc Degirmen has successfully commissioned a modern plant with a grinding capacity of 700 tons / day in Kazakhstan, one of the world’s important wheat producers and exporters. Genc Degirmen, one of the leading companies in milling technology, has …

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Saudi SALIC acquires Ukrainian farming company Mriya


The Saudi Agricultural & Livestock Investment Co. (SALIC) announced the purchase of Ukraine’s Mriya, one of Ukraine’s biggest farming companies. The acquisition of Mriya gives SALIC control over 150,000 hectares of farmland in central and western Ukraine, as well as four grain elevators, two plants, a potato storage area, and equipment. The Saudi Agricultural and Livestock Investment Company (SALIC) has …

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China cuts 2018/19 soybean import forecast

çin soya

China lowered its estimates for soybeans  imports in the crop year that starts on Oct. 1 to 83.65 million tons, down 10.2 million tonnes from last month’s estimate of 93.85 million tonnes. China slashed its forecast for 2018/19 soybean imports as farmer reduce their use of the bean in animal feed because of the Sino-U.S. trade conflict, leading the government …

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Russian edition of Miller draws huge interest in Moscow


Parantez Group realized its pledge to introduce a Russian magazine. The Russian edition of Miller Magazine met with Russian-speaking readers again during the Russian Flour and Cereal Companies’ Congress in Moscow. Many representatives of the Russian sector praised the content and visual quality of the magazine. Publishing Miller Magazine for twelve years, the Parantez Group is proud to introduce a …

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Russia-Iran wheat deal hampers due to financing impasse


Plans for a deal under which Russia and Kazakhstan are to supply wheat to Iran have stalled as “no progress” has been made in its financing, the secretary general of the Iran Federation of Food Industry Associations said. Talks on the deal began six months ago. It would see Russia and Kazakhstan supplying wheat to Iranian flour millers, who in …

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Wheat production in Iraq halved due to water shortages


“We expect that the irrigated wheat area falls to half of what it was last year. The shortage of water resources, climate change and drought are the main reasons behind this decision, our expectation is the area will shrink to half”, Iraqi Deputy Agriculture Minister Mahdi al-Qaisi told Reuters. Iraq will cut irrigated areas it uses to plant wheat by …

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Dacsa Bunge Ukraine to build $14 million corn processing plant in Vinnytsia


Dacsa Bunge Ukraine, a joint venture of U.S. agribusiness and food company Bunge and Spanish food ingredients industrial company Dacsa, plans to build a $14 million corn processing plant in Vinnytsia, Ukraine. Dacsa Bunge Ukraine will build a corn processing plant in Vinnytsia with the capacity of 100,000 tons per year, with investment estimated at $14 million, Head of Vinnytsia …

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