GoodMills builds one of the biggest mills in Europe, open to new acquisitions

DDr. Leonhard Gollegger, The GoodMills Group GmbH: “The GoodMills Group produces quality flour and other milling products, providing an essential base for valuable nourishment. We currently mill 2.9 million tons of grains across the seven European countries. At the moment we are in the middle of the construction of our biggest investment in the last years. We are building a 365.000 tons/year …

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Warehouse pests cause 30 percent product loss

Serdar Aziret, Bayer Marketing Manager: “We provide efficient solutions in rodent control in addition to pest and rhubarb fight for the food industry and particularly companies in Horeca. When we look at the factory floor, meaning storages in which crops are stored, we develop solutions to keep organisms that we name as warehouse pests under control. After the harvest, it is …

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“We announce a buying price for wheat that will boost production”

“Before the harvest period in 2019, we will announce a price that will please producers and we will start buying around the country. A guarantee of purchase by TMO for a product is crucial for product sustainability. I hope that we will announce a price that will please producers and will contribute the increase in the production of wheat that …

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“Farmers become better traders, the margins for traders are going down”

Sizov, Managing Director of SovEcon: “If you look at the global grain market as a whole, I think farmers are receiving more bargaining power. Farmers have become better sellers which implies that it is harder for traditional traders to make money in this market. Now it is much more easy to access information. It is much more easy to hedge …

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“80 percent of grain trade is done according to GAFTA standards”

Jaine Chisholm Caunt, Director General of Gafta: “Gafta is an international trade association representing over 1800 member companies in 95 countries across the world who trade in Agri-commodities. Gafta awards can be enforced globally in 157 countries under the 1958 New York Convention on the Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards. All governments should support and work with all the international …

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“We have a share of more than 18% in Turkish flour market”

“We continue to conduct research and development studies for new flour types. We are going to launch ready-made mixes soon. We have a share of 18.2% in retail flour market in Turkey. In Marmara region, our share hits 31.7% and we are the sector leader. We penetrated into all chain markets selling branded products. Eksun Food also produces private labeled …

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“Russia to boost its wheat exports”

“Black Sea region determines the grain prices. It is the main region for supply of wheat… Russia is the world’s biggest exporter of wheat because of the extra wheat. Russia will boost the export of wheat. We will make the harvest grow bigger. We will have more extra wheat so we have to supply more grain abroad.” Arkady Zlochevsky President …

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“Mergers in flour industry are inevitable because of fierce competition”

“We think of acquisition or having a foreign partner, and this issue – acquisition or foreign partner – has been always on our agenda. We talk with our friends inside and outside of the sector about acquisition or having a local or foreign partner. In our industry, the idle capacity is more than 50 percent. In fact, the figure reveals …

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“Russia can be one of the world’s largest flour exporters”

“All conditions were established for the development of flour export in Russia. Businesses have the necessary production reserve capacities. Unlike Turkey, Russia’s government does not back the flour export. Therefore, the important thing is not to invest but to provide the state’s backing for Russia flour export so that we can compete against exporter of other countries that enjoyed for …

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