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“The most important factors that affect the flour yield are raw materials, equipment and process. Higher flour yield can only be achieved with higher wheat quality. Therefore, selection of raw materials is a critical factor. Also, high efficiency cleaning equipment and efficient wheat tempering system with accurate automated moisture control hardware is of great importance. Besides that, proper handling, cleaning …

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Implications of flour yield on flour quality and profitability


“Efficient utilization of resources is a critical aspect of the process for any industry.  In the case of wheat flour milling it is of great importance as wheat costs make up over 80% of the cost of flour.  Any additional gain in flour yields translates to added revenue.  At the same time high level of efficiency must be maintained in …

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How to improve the quality and milling effect of wheat flour?


“A reasonable roller speed and surface condition of the roller will affect whether the material enters the grinding zone accurately. If the feeding is inaccurate, the material will collide and splash between the two rollers and cannot directly enter the grinding zone, thereby affecting the yield and the grinding effect. However, if the feeding speed is too fast, it will …

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“Maintenance cost is the second expense item of milling industry. Therefore, millers should have a proactive approach about timing of the maintenance and performing this with minimum cost. And predictive maintenance which has become widespread in recent years can be used. When it is included in total plant management it will optimize availability of process machines and therefore will decrease …

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Mill Maintenance Methods


“Maintenance, repair and technical service are significant since they affect lifetime of milling machines and ensure them to work non-stop at desired levels. If regular and good maintenance is not performed, machines cannot work for long years. Predictive maintenance monitors active machines and equipment in order to detect possible breakdowns. Thus, it prevents downtimes for machines because of unplanned maintenance …

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Predictive Maintenance


“Predictive Maintenance is based on taking measures before an actual breakdown occurs thanks to a number of analyses. That maintenance method enables 25-30% decrease on maintenance efforts, 35-45% on breakdowns and 20- 25% increase on investment returns. Thanks to predictive maintenance, part replacements can be planned for downtime. This decreases total costs.”     Asst. Prof. Selçuk MISTIKOĞLU İskenderun Technical …

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Predict your savings while milling


“A predictive maintenance approach can minimize unscheduled breakdowns of all mechanical equipment in the plant and ensure that repaired equipment is in acceptable mechanical condition. It can also identify machine problems before they become serious. Most mechanical problems can be minimized if they are detected and repaired early. Normal mechanical failure modes degrade at a speed directly proportional to their …

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“Companies may not be sensitive enough about fixed costs since they reflect them on the sales prices. However, the fixed costs play a critical role in companies’ profitability and competitive power if they are optimally kept at the low level. In this scope, it is crucial to ensure the facility operates at the maximum capacity and carry out equipment maintenance …

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Keys to optimizing fixed costs in the flour milling plants


“Power requirements in mills is one of the highest of all operational costs, and it is pertinent that all equipment used, is run at optimum capacity to avoid underutilization and wastage. Planned maintenance and regular inspection of all equipment in the plant is the key to optimizing fixed costs. Replacement of major components means more capital expenditure, resulting in lower …

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Tactics to rein fixed expenses in plants

Kehinde Peter OWONİFARİ

“You need to evaluate where your business is now and where you want to take it in the future. A well thought-out road map is essential to properly forecast expenses and provide for contingencies. Take a look at the list of your expenses and find any expenses from the items that is of less important in the plant, or that …

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