How to detect pesticides throughout the supply chain


“Accurate sampling and analysis in an accredited laboratory are the key points to identify if a commodity actually contains pesticides over the MRLs. By accurate sampling and analysis, we measure the level of pesticides in our supply chain and we are able to work on preventive or corrective actions to limit the negative health effects. Cutting back on pesticides is …

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Measuring particle sizes and optimizing processes


“Constant particle size distribution among flour and semolina particles is an important factor in achieving consistent quality when processing grain products in bakeries or producing pasta. Bühler offers an innovative solution for monitoring the granulation distribution with MYTA PSM (Particle Size Measurement), which can be either installed fixed in a plant or, now, is also available as a portable version.” …

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Securing gluten-free grains


“Due to the growing number of people suffering from gluten sensitivity and celiac disease, the gluten-free industry is becoming increasingly important on a global scale as use of electronic sorting machines in the cleaning process guarantees healthy products. Gluten-free products have a tolerance close to zero, which is why grains need to be processed to separate any grain containing gluten. …

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The importance of break system in flour milling process

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“Prior to milling, cleaning and conditioning of the grain is the most important aspect of milling. The number of break passages can vary according to the size of the mill. If, for example the mill is designed with five passages for maximum extraction and the number of roller mills in each passage is below the certain minimum, this will not …

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The future of Pest Management


“Every Pest Management program starts and finishes with risk assessment and risk management. You don’t know if you have a growing population of pests unless you are using the right tools to monitor on the right locations. Priority number one is to identify the potential threats. Experienced consultants like can help to develop a complete approach.” Vasilis Sotiroudas Control …

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Product recalls: don’t let your codes let you down


“While training of production line staff can go some way towards mitigating the risk of a code-related product recall, a move towards automation will almost certainly provide a far higher level of peace of mind – as well as a clear trail of events in terms of production line data. Code assurance is the key, and through adopting a combination …

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Insects and mites found in flour mills and their importance for human health


“For many stored product pests the data that are related with their importance for human health are few and not fully justified yet. Moreover, there is an urgent need for the development of rapid detection methods of all stored product insects. The role of stored product arthropods in the development of antibiotic resistance should be examined in a more detail, …

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The new trends in Pest Management


“Today a fumigator should be a tech-geek! Technology is our new major weapon. We have eyes inside chambers and silos. We receive real-time information on our smartphone. We can predict and respond with a touch of a button or a tap on screen. There are no more excuses for failures. Precise hits, lower residues, constant evolution and improvement. These are …

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The milling industry in Morocco


“Through education and training the world of milling and flour transformation has taken a traditional form of processing and turned it into a level of expertise that will continue to meet the demands of a population looking for new food products and to feed our growing population.  Cereal and grain production and consumption in Morocco and throughout the region is …

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